Synonyms for Kink:


crinkle, tangle, hardship, problem, burden, trials and tribulations, disturbance, issue, trouble, baggage, nuisance. knot, cramp, open up, work, twinge, straighten, form, reshape, pain, shape. breakage, blight, bruise, burnout, whim, quirk, break, notion, burn, peculiarity. impediment, hitch, difficulty, complication. bend, twist (noun)
crinkle, crimp, tangle, knot, curl, frizz, curve.
blemish (noun)
defacement, scab, stigma, blotch, fault, sore, disfigurement, distortion, discoloration, deformity, weal, lesion, brand, eyesore, impurity, wart, rift, abrasion, drawback, imperfection, spoilage.
caprice (noun)
complication (noun)
difficulty, imperfection, flaw, hitch, defect, impediment.
curl (noun)
kink (noun)
curl, crape, twist, crimp, kink up, frizzle, frizz, curve, twirl.
muscle spasm (noun)
person's idiosyncrasy (noun)
whim, quirk, peculiarity, notion.
spasm of muscular tissue (noun)
pain, cramp, twinge.


blemish (verb)
defect, blister, distort, fracture, disfigure, stain, fleck, gash, tarnish, scratch, flaw, notch, chip, damage, splotch, discolor, blot, slit, score, mar, abrade, hack, deform, spoil, deface, scar, check, mark, scuff, scrape, spot, blemish, dot, nick, pockmark, taint, hurt, speck, freckle.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
curl, crimp, difficulty, whim, knot, frizzle, twist, notion, twirl, tangle, crinkle, curve, problem, quirk, peculiarity, impediment, hitch, frizz, crape, complication, twinge, kink up, cramp, pain.

Usage examples for kink

  1. " Ou' Mensefreiter he lift his head when de pun'kin 'gun to roll Ou' Mensefreiter he kink his back when de pun'kin hit de drift. – Old Hendrik's Tales by Arthur Owen Vaughan
  2. And Surry, his neck arched, his ears perked knowingly, stepped out after him with that peculiar, springy gait that speaks eloquently of perfect muscles and a body fairly vibrating with energy; the riata trailed after him, every little tendency towards a kink taken out of it. – The Gringos by B. M. Bower