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kink - 202 results
Examples of usage:

" Ou' Mensefreiter he lift his head when de pun'kin 'gun to roll Ou' Mensefreiter he kink his back when de pun'kin hit de drift. - "Old Hendrik's Tales", Arthur Owen Vaughan.

He looked at me pensively for a minute or two, and said, in English: " You've got a kink in your nose, Bob- if it weren't for that you'd be a deuced good- looking fellow- like me; but you ain't." - "The Martian", George Du Maurier.

And Surry, his neck arched, his ears perked knowingly, stepped out after him with that peculiar, springy gait that speaks eloquently of perfect muscles and a body fairly vibrating with energy; the riata trailed after him, every little tendency towards a kink taken out of it. - "The Gringos", B. M. Bower.

Similar words:

East India Kino, sun king, Robert King Merton, riley b king, the march king, the sailor king, patrilineal kin, not kin, matrilineal kin, the king of swing.

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