Synonyms for Sameness:


concordance, parallelism, symmetry. selfsameness, same. equation, par, parity, Equivalency. boredom (noun)
equality (noun)
equality, identicalness, alikeness, fairness, indistinguishability, equivalence, balance.
likeness, similarity (noun)
identicalness, Equivalency, standardization, selfsameness, indistinguishability, alikeness, oneness, resemblance, analogy, par, no difference, unity, unison, monotony, uniformity, equality, parity, identity.
sameness (noun)
similarity (noun)
likeness, analogy, similarity, similitude, closeness, imitation, analog, twin, match, resemblance, semblance.
uniformity (noun)
consistency, seamlessness, invariability, constancy, regularity, uniformity, homogeneity, conformity, standardization, conformance, consonance, evenness, steadiness, monotony.
unity (noun)
coincidence, entirety, singleness, oneness, completeness, simplicity, cohesion, fundamentality, entireness, Indivisibility, purity, solidarity, identity, atom, congruence, unity, intactness, congruity, union, coherence, element, holism, integrity, embodiment.

Other synonyms:

concordance, symmetry, monotonousness, monotone, Equivalency, selfsameness. equation, parallelism, parity. par. Other relevant words:
equation, no difference, same, par, standardization, monotonousness, parity, concordance, symmetry, alikeness, monotone, parallelism, Equivalency, selfsameness.

Usage examples for sameness

  1. The grind, the eternal grind- the dreary sameness of every day. – Dorian by Nephi Anderson
  2. The plan of the poem necessarily involved sameness of treatment. – Chaucer and His Times by Grace E. Hadow
  3. There is a good deal of sameness in the appearance of those still inhabited- a walled face, a mask, with window and door, and above a chimney of brick rising out of the rock. – Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe by Sabine Baring-Gould