Synonyms for Blister:


harm, take its toll, injure. drub, boil, praise, rip into, read the riot act to, athlete's foot, abscess, scarify, slam, scathe, bedsore, excoriate, put someone on the hot seat, scourge, scorch, blackhead, put someone on the griddle, roast, flay, crawl all over, rake over the coals, black eye, slap. break, burn, burnout, blight, breakage, bruise. blemish (noun)
discoloration, rift, stigma, disfigurement, eyesore, sore, fault, blotch, impurity, deformity, distortion, wart, weal, defacement, spoilage, brand, lesion, imperfection, scab, drawback, abrasion.
blister (noun)
bulla, whip, bleb, vesicate.
cyst (noun)
fever blister (noun)
swelling (noun)
bleb, abscess, sac, bulla, boil, wheal, weal, burn, sore, wale.
vesicle (noun)
injury, water blister, blood blister, wale, second-degree burn, wheal, sac.


blemish (verb)
discolor, fleck, defect, spoil, deface, disfigure, scuff, check, scar, dot, distort, tarnish, hurt, splotch, gash, abrade, deform, kink, stain, notch, mar, blemish, speck, pockmark, blot, chip, scratch, freckle, flaw, fracture, spot, scrape, mark, hack, score, damage, taint, slit, nick.
change (verb)

Other synonyms:

black eye, breakage, abscess, athlete's foot, scarify, scathe, blackhead, boil, bedsore. blight. roast, slap, burnout, flay, scorch, scourge. drub, slam, excoriate. break. blister
Other relevant words:
bulla, scorch, wheal, wale, bruise, scarify, scourge, rake over the coals, drub, blackhead, scathe, boil, burnout, whip, bleb, slam, sac, breakage, excoriate, rip into, blood blister, abscess, put someone on the hot seat, crawl all over, flay, bedsore, read the riot act to, slap, put someone on the griddle, vesicate, roast, burn.

Usage examples for blister

  1. The Boy spoke with the old- timer's superiority, of his own experience, and was so puffed up, at the bare thought of having hardened his feet, that he concealed without a qualm the fact of a brand- new blister on his heel. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  2. When Blister came, he told him to ascertain if the old man were really dead. – Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston