Synonyms for Buzz:


detail, data, fact, information, news, findings, datum, A to Z. lively, bustling, frenzy, bumble, Grand Central Station, hectic, peak, busy season, burr, madhouse. direct mail, dial, call, advertising, billing, clickthrough, ring, affiliate marketing, phone, words, adspend, event marketing, branding, campaign, telephone. ecstasy, anticipation, pleasure, satisfaction, wonder, joie de vivre, excitement, kick, delight. captain, airlift, down, drop, eject, come down, climb, ditch, bank. color, animation, novelty, spark, vitality, life, fascination, mystery, bite. boo, applause, cluck, grunt, BRRR, catcall, Bronx Cheer, clap, bellow. burble, babble, click, cough, crunch, ding, blow, grate. clangor, knock, din, flap, background noise, crackling. outpace, fly, gallop, charge, be quick on your feet, hasten, speed, surge, dart, race. nip, depress, flatten, compress, squeeze, grind, rub, scrunch, crush, press. spin around, crackle, go berserk, go mad, lick your lips, thrill, swoon, go crazy, exult. buzz (noun)
bombilation, seethe, bombination, hum, bombilate, bombinate.
dirt (noun)
droning sound (noun)
hiss, drone, sibilation, whir, whisper, murmur, hum, ring, fizzle.
drunk (noun)
intoxicated, alcoholic, wasted, Hammered, blitzed, hard-drinking, inebriated, hungover.
gossip (noun)
news, rumble.
murmur (noun)
buzzing, noise.
rumble (noun)
drone, rattle, thunder, drum, racket, hum, clatter, reverberation, chant, roll, grumble, beat, rumble, thrum, throb, chatter.
sibilation (noun)
rhonchus, sibilation.


gossip (verb)
call, chatter.
make droning sound (verb)
whiz, sibilate, reverberate, bombinate, bumble.
rumble (verb)
sibilate (verb)
hiss, fizzle, whiz, sputter, whoosh, whistle, whir, snort, snuffle, whisper, wheeze, sizzle, snore, sibilate, sniffle, sneeze, zip, lisp.

Other synonyms:

catcall, crackle, advertising, event marketing, resound, spark, direct mail, bustling, applause, exult, Grand Central Station, burr, madhouse, frenzy, busy season, branding, hectic, spin around, crackling, vitality, adspend, ditch, billing, affiliate marketing, BRRR, Bronx Cheer, background noise. cough, resonate, boo, burble, clickthrough, bank, phone, bellow, fascination, grate, life, airlift, campaign, pulsate, telephone, eject, novelty, ding, lively, swoon, splash. click, animation, cluck, color, come down, grunt, captain, mystery. peak, knock, clap, babble, bite. thrill, crunch, flap. climb. drop, murmur. blow. down. call. ring. telephone

Usage examples for buzz

  1. She screamed louder and louder; and she grew half frightened, half relieved, when she heard his step, and a buzz of voices on the stairs; and then there he was, standing by her, and saying gravely, " What is the matter, Kate?" – Countess Kate by Charlotte M. Yonge
  2. There was a low buzz of excitement, and then, in obedience to an order, a couple of oars were softly thrust into the water. – The Black Bar by George Manville Fenn