Synonyms for Fluting:


artifact (noun)
fluting (noun)
groove (noun)
flute, cutting.


grooving (verb)
Channeling, Rutting, Furrowing, Incising, Corrugating, grooving, cutting, digging.

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Usage examples for fluting

  1. I got home in the evening; it is winter, but unusually warm; and the birds were fluting in the bushes, as I walked round the garden in the twilight, as though they had an inkling of the Spring; to hear them gave me a sort of delicious pain, I hardly know why. – The Silent Isle by Arthur Christopher Benson
  2. Taking seats upon the grass in the sunlight, which was just warm enough to be delightful, they absorbed the scene in silence, entranced by the sails, the far water- line, the sun, the wind, and the fluting of the birds. – Victor Ollnee's Discipline by Hamlin Garland
  3. And when he felt that fluting wind blow warm and cool together on his cheek, the chimneys mocked him, and the town was hideous. – Master Skylark by John Bennett