Synonyms for Skeletal:


bony (adjective)
cadaverous (adjective)
skin and bones.
narrow (adjective)
slender, slim, scrawny, fine, narrow, lanky, tight, thin, lean, tenuous, willowy, skinny.
structural (adjective)
compositional, architectural, constitutional, anatomical, structural.
wasted (adjective)
lean, scrawny, gaunt, anorexic, emaciated, bony, skinny, skin and bones, cadaverous, shrunken, thin, haggard.


shrunken, be (all) skin and bone(s), tired, skin and bones, better, underweight, gangling, anorexic. detailed, blow-by-blow, broad, general, elaborate, extensive, descriptive, broad-brush, 101, edited. compound fracture, arthritic, break, jointed, double-jointed, fused, broken, pelvic, lumbar, costal. skeletal (noun)
haggard, emaciated, lean, thin, wasted, bony, cadaverous, pinched, gaunt.

Other synonyms:

shrunken. Other relevant words:
haggard, pinched, gangling, anorexic, emaciated, bony, underweight, skin and bones, cadaverous, shrunken, wasted, gaunt.