Synonyms for Anorexic:


starving (adjective)
thin, emaciated.


consumptive, amnesiac, the critical list, bed-blocker, agoraphobe, case, depressive. anaemic, brain dead, anemic, dehydrated, diabetic, asthmatic, arthritic, agoraphobic, concussed. gangling, be (all) skin and bone(s), gaunt, scrawny, lanky, underweight, skinny, emaciated. anorexic (noun)
anorectic, thin, lean.

Other synonyms:

gangling, concussed, agoraphobic, gaunt, lanky, brain dead, anemic, scrawny, agoraphobe, consumptive, bed-blocker, underweight, amnesiac, the critical list, arthritic, emaciated. dehydrated, diabetic, depressive, skinny, asthmatic. case. Other relevant words:
arthritic, underweight, amnesiac, case, asthmatic, depressive, concussed, gaunt, lanky, anemic, agoraphobic, skinny, dehydrated, consumptive, agoraphobe, gangling, brain dead, diabetic, anaemic, bed-blocker, scrawny, emaciated.