Synonyms for Architectural:


structural (adjective)
Engineered, compositional, developmental, anatomical, lineal, constitutional, design, building, architectonic, structural, constructive, skeletal.


elevation, civil engineering, feng shui, landscape architecture, architecture, engineering, lay out, blueprint, ground plan.

Other synonyms:

civil engineering, landscape architecture, engineering, feng shui, ground plan. blueprint. architecture. elevation, lay out. Other relevant words:
blueprint, engineering, Engineered, constructive, elevation, building, architectonic, architecture.

Usage examples for architectural

  1. The solidity of his architectural creations is no less remarkable than their excellence of design;- much of what he erected still remains; what has vanished was removed by human agency, and not by decay; and when the old Dominican church at St. Pierre had to be pulled down to make room for a larger edifice, the workmen complained that the stones could not be separated,- that the walls seemed single masses of rock. – Two Years in the French West Indies by Lafcadio Hearn