Synonyms for Domain:


binomial, countdown, deviation, computational, approximation, abacus, calculation, decimal place, average, algorithm. anonymous ftp, Bluetooth, blogosphere, bookmark, terrain, scene, address, department, bag, blind certificate, access number, boolean, ABEND, account name. belt, corridor, conservancy, conservation area, claim, acreage, border. preserve. area (noun)
area, acre, territory, district, region, section, sector, rood, patch, zone, hectare.
area of expertise, rule (noun)
department, bailiwick, orbit, region, dominion, empire, field, realm, province, sphere, estate, turf, territory, specialty, quarter, land, demesne, district, terrain.
arena (noun)
beat, hall, campus, enclosure, room, battlefield, circle, province, theater, ground, dominion, hippodrome, pen, courtyard, gymnasium, bailiwick, realm, circus, circuit, battle-ground, turf, precinct, ring, colosseum, setting, amphitheater, arena, auditorium, stage, locale, field, gallery.
domain (noun)
land, region, sphere, realm, demesne, area, orbit, world, field, arena.
dominion (noun)
property (noun)
effects, manor, realty, goods, principal, possessions, possession, ranch, inheritance, wealth, land, belongings, stock, holding, property, assets, real estate, estate, title, farm, legacy, fixtures, chattel, Resources.
quarter (noun)
region (noun)
colony, borough, canton, lot, plot, empire, neighborhood, place, shire, town, division, earldom, county, nation, state, city, tract, commonweal, riding, duchy, parcel, dukedom, kingdom, quarter, locality, municipality, country.

Other synonyms:

acreage, belt, conservancy, corridor. border. bag, terrain, claim. department. preserve. scene. Other relevant words:
algorithm, sphere, bag, bookmark, countdown, computational, average, demesne, claim, corridor, ABEND, belt, blogosphere, conservancy, approximation, calculation, acreage, Bluetooth, binomial, preserve, boolean, terrain, orbit, department, deviation, world, specialty, address, scene, abacus, border.

Usage examples for domain

  1. If before he had disliked the idea of the railroad entering his wild domain he hated it now. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  2. " I'm going to try and beg you off, Major, dear," said Caroline Darrah, and she hurried after Mrs. Matilda into Tempie's domain – Andrew the Glad by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. But he looked at Spud O'Malley and waited for his nod of assent before he presumed to trespass on another pilot's domain – The Finding of Haldgren by Charles Willard Diffin