Synonyms for Specialty:


food, hobby, fare, cooking, foodstuff, nourishment, pursuit, nutrition, work, sustenance, dish, meal, Groceries. field, scene, territory, masterpiece. ability, thing, bag. branch, part, discipline. business (noun)
concern, station, position, partnership, job, livelihood, negotiation, posting, venture, corporation, trade, transaction, labor, practice, profession, selling, activity, interest, situation, holding, company, proprietorship, market, calling, establishment, firm, career, occupation, commission, employment, barter, busy work, management, affair, business, industry, merchant, vocation, service, consortium, enterprise, retailing, assignment, exchange, commerce.
distinctive feature; concentration (noun)
job, vocation, practice, speciality, career, pursuit, hobby, profession, work, long suit, thing, masterpiece, occupation, forte.
distinctiveness (noun)
food (noun)
gift (noun)
specialty (noun)
feature, quality, specialness, flavor, characteristic, forte, speciality, Discriminant, metier, strength, specialism, strong point, mark, idiosyncrasy, property, figure, hallmark, long suit, difference, strong suit, specialisation, specialization, mannerism, trait, definiteness, stamp, cachet, peculiarity, keynote, particularity, quirk, distinctiveness, individuality, way.
strong point (noun)
long suit.

Other synonyms:

bag. branch. discipline, territory, scene. thing. avocation
Other relevant words:
speciality, strong point, specialisation, field, fare, territory, nutrition, bag, long suit, foodstuff, masterpiece, ability, branch, part, hobby, strong suit, meal, thing, metier, scene, specialness, cooking, work, Groceries, nourishment, pursuit, food, distinctiveness, specialism, dish, sustenance, strength, discipline.

Usage examples for specialty

  1. That's a specialty of mine. – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  2. All students must be grounded in the general elements underlying the trade before they are allowed to take up any phase as a specialty – The Condition and Tendencies of Technical Education in Germany by Arthur Henry Chamberlain
  3. I had visited the aforesaid Aunt Pen the previous winter, in New York city, and at the American Specialty House had been enchanted with the many novel and beautiful pieces of decorated work. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various