Synonyms for Province:


compulsion, commitment, accountability, onus, concern, trust, guardianship. dependency, belt, politics, airspace, corridor, co, possession, breadbasket, the borderland. department, scene, subject, presbytery, Episcopacy, archdiocese, bishopric, world, diocese, glebe, bag, parochial, deanery, archbishopric, parish, terrain, orbit. area (noun)
area of rule, responsibility (noun)
dependency, colony, terrain, concern, department, division, arena, field, territory, bailiwick, canton, zone, realm, shire, domain, dominion, orbit, district, region, tract, county.
arena (noun)
colosseum, bailiwick, ring, domain, realm, circuit, circus, theater, battlefield, gymnasium, dominion, area, region, campus, turf, beat, amphitheater, ground, arena, battle-ground, hall, circle, stage, pen, room, auditorium, setting, gallery, courtyard, field, precinct, enclosure, locale, hippodrome.
location (noun)
possession (noun)
province (noun)
responsibility, territorial dominion, state, dominion, territory.
quarter (noun)
region (noun)
dukedom, nation, division, city, municipality, colony, quarter, country, borough, parcel, canton, kingdom, locality, territory, neighborhood, commonweal, plot, county, duchy, shire, sector, tract, state, zone, riding, place, earldom, town, lot, empire, district.
state (noun)

Other synonyms:

department. dependency, orbit. bag, terrain. possession, scene. world. Other relevant words:
concern, bag, scene, deanery, presbytery, commitment, compulsion, trust, belt, onus, department, airspace, responsibility, breadbasket, world, bishopric, accountability, guardianship, archbishopric, Episcopacy, orbit, co, territorial dominion, politics, subject, archdiocese, terrain, glebe, corridor, diocese, possession, dependency, parochial, parish.

Usage examples for province

  1. Unexpected as the acquisition of Louisiana was to the Administration, President Jefferson was quick to appreciate the vast importance of the province to the United States. – Union and Democracy by Allen Johnson
  2. Such reasoning was not in the province of his training. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer