Synonyms for Steppe:


swath, swathe, field, sweep, land mass, the mainland, subcontinent. large plain (noun)
prairie, savanna, plain.
meadow (noun)
prairie (noun)
tundra, savanna, desert, pampas, champaign, flatness, veld, heath, moor, plateau, mesa, plain, countryside, prairie.

Other synonyms:

land mass, the mainland, subcontinent. swath, swathe. Other relevant words:
swathe, field, swath, subcontinent, sweep.

Usage examples for steppe

  1. How they came, and when, will form the subject for discussion in Chapter V. At present it will suffice to mention that in the superficial deposits belonging to the Pleistocene series of the North European plain have been discovered the remains of many typical members of the Siberian Steppe fauna. – The History of the European Fauna by R. F. Scharff