Synonyms for Possession:


demonic, possessed, demon, cursed, accursed, exorcise, exorcism. dependency, cold turkey, settlement, addiction, crackhouse, bust, crack den, dependence, abuse, colony, clean, comedown. besiege, conquer, suppress, owned, dominion, storm, annex, subdue, occupy, proprietorship, subjugate, seize, invade. asset, belonging, fixed asset, personal effects, effect, thing, appurtenance, valuables, movable, personal property, lares and penates, stuff, good. ball, chip, dribble, law, corner, catch, blast, delivery, cross, dive, backhand. community property, personal, Proprietorial, something has someone's name on it, politics, owner, holder, proprietor, possessor, province, bearer. acquisition (noun)
act (noun)
colony (noun)
furniture (noun)
thing, effect, chattel.
occupancy (noun)
ownership, holding.
ownership (noun)
proprietorship, mastery, hold.
prize (noun)

Other synonyms:

accursed, demonic, fixed asset, personal effects, cursed, possessed, personal property, colony, exorcise, demon, belonging, valuables, exorcism, proprietorship, lares and penates, appurtenance. province, asset. stuff, movable, dependency. effect, dominion. thing. Other relevant words:
effect, dominion, appurtenance, invade, asset, mastery, monomania, ownership, thing, province, colony, belonging, proprietorship, movable, demon, occupy, personal effects, lares and penates, demonic, possessed, settlement, dependency, seize, hold, conquer, good, cursed, valuables, personal property, stuff, Proprietorial, exorcise.

Usage examples for possession

  1. She recovered her self- possession on Mountjoy's appearance, with the ease of a mistress of her art. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  2. The major, by this time, was in full possession of my friend's home. – A Gentleman Vagabond and Some Others by F. Hopkinson Smith
  3. Thus Jack took possession of the castle. – The Red Fairy Book by Various