Synonyms for Scholarship:


bursary, annuity, pocket money, grant, stipend, Rhodes Scholarship, allowance, award, fellowship. school days, specialization, probation, school, case study, revision, instruction, Research and Development, researcher, research. education (noun)
grant (noun)
fellowship, award, bursary.
knowledge (noun)
learning, instruction, erudition, education, learnedness.
learning (noun)
enlightenment, studiousness, edification, pedantry, education, reading, learning.
research (noun)
studentship, accomplishments, Intellectualism, bibliography, scientific approach, bibliomania.
scholarship (noun)
erudition, eruditeness, learning, learnedness.

Other synonyms:

bursary, studentship, annuity, stipend, Rhodes Scholarship, Research and Development, pocket money, researcher. case study, allowance, specialization, research. instruction, grant, revision, probation. fellowship. school. citation
Other relevant words:
erudition, bibliomania, bibliography, bursary, researcher, accomplishments, annuity, fellowship, research, award, Intellectualism, school, studentship, specialization, instruction, eruditeness, grant, probation, allowance, stipend, learnedness, revision.

Usage examples for scholarship

  1. Well, yes; I got a pretty good scholarship enough to pay my expenses both ways, and leave me a hundred dollars besides." – Hildegarde's Harvest by Laura E. Richards
  2. At the Royal University in Ireland, the Literature Scholarship of 100 pounds a year for five years has been won by Miss Story, the daughter of a North of Ireland clergyman. – Reviews by Oscar Wilde
  3. He saw men who did not possess half the brains or half the scholarship which he possessed, leap into fame, while he remained obscure. – The Man Who Rose Again by Joseph Hocking