Synonyms for Intelligence:


clarity, vision, common sense, brilliance. directorate, report, secret, account, corporation, branch, council, bureau, corp, customs, the civil service, agency, statistics, administration (of an estate). double agent, espionage, sense, ability, collaboration, brainpower, collaborator, bug, collaborate, counterintelligence, industrial espionage, agent, smart, wit. fact. words, Tiding, scoop. ability (noun)
aptitude, skill, ability.
ability to perceive, understand (noun)
understanding, judgment, comprehension, wit, reason, brilliance, acumen, aptitude, brainpower, skill, capacity, sense, mentality, intellect, perspicacity, discernment, mind.
advice (noun)
clue, direction, briefing, hint, advice, pointer, warning, advocacy, information, monition, suggestion, recommendation, encouragement, caution, news, message, caveat, instruction, tip, cue, guidance, prompt.
information (noun)
details, facts, evidence, data.
intellect (noun)
reasoning, thought, brain, thinking, brain-power, capacity, cerebration, understanding, rationality, mind, mentality, reason.
intelligence (noun)
knowledge, perspicuity, genius, acumen, judgment, comprehension, word, intelligence activity, wisdom, sagaciousness, sophistication, astuteness, profundity, erudition, intelligence operation, intellect, intelligence information, tidings, cogency, mastery, news.
news (noun)
Tiding, news.
secret information (noun)
report, tidings, news, word, advice, clue, facts, data, knowledge.
sense (noun)
sound judgment (noun)
common sense.
tidings (noun)
understanding (noun)
perspicacity, discernment.
word (noun)

Other synonyms:

common sense, Tiding, ability, discernment, brainpower, brilliance. vision. fact. wit. scoop. Other relevant words:
perspicacity, fact, tidings, counterintelligence, scoop, report, word, espionage, Tiding, council, account, intelligence activity, brilliance, brainpower, ability, sense, common sense, discernment, smart, aptitude, wit, skill, intelligence information, intelligence operation.

Usage examples for intelligence

  1. But the examination of these papers did not afford him any important intelligence – The Waif of the "Cynthia" by André Laurie and Jules Verne
  2. Months and even years went by, and no farther intelligence was obtained. – Recollections of Europe by J. Fenimore Cooper