Synonyms for Training:


chin up, boxercise, bend, circuit training, calisthenics, aerobics, bodybuilding, the burn, aerobic, aquarobics. teach, Pedagogics, professional, cross-training, spotter, pro, spot, personal trainer, coach, train. exercise, orientation, mentoring, drill, exposure, rehearsal, work, practice. animal management (noun)
domestication, Shepherding, gameskeeping, cattle herding, swineherding, stock breeding, dairy farming, goatherding, hostling.
education (noun)
edification, tutelage, education, enlightenment, guidance, instruction.
experience (noun)
instruction (noun)
Tutoring, instruction.
preliminary (noun)
disciplinary, scholastic, doctrinal, educational, pedagogic, preparatory.
preparation (noun)
coaching, exercise, practice, domestication, instruction, drill, tutelage, teaching, education, schooling, guidance.
training (noun)
preparation, education, grooming, breeding.


managing animals (verb)
breeding, farming, herding, grooming, Taming, wrangling, breaking, housebreaking, ranching.
teaching (verb)
edifying, schooling, enlightening, lecturing, Imbuing, Instructing, Indoctrinating, Educating, drilling, guiding, coaching, teaching, Tutoring, Inculcating, instilling.

Other synonyms:

exercise, Pedagogics, mentoring. rehearsal, drill. practice. orientation. exposure. Other relevant words:
calisthenics, bodybuilding, preparatory, spotter, cross-training, educational, disciplinary, pedagogic, exercise, rehearsal, coach, aerobics, scholastic, boxercise, aquarobics, exposure, practice, mentoring, aerobic, orientation, teach, doctrinal, preparation, pro, work, train, spot, bend, Pedagogics, professional, drill.

Usage examples for training

  1. Ladies keep themselves in training in their ordinary calls. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  2. I have an enemy who, with a little training won't give me time to worry about my friends. – Foe-Farrell by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch