Synonyms for Refinement:


behavior, adsorb, action, the carbon cycle, assay, clarification, bond, aerate, balanced equation, calcify, cleaning, draining, behave. gentility, tact, savoir-faire, courtesy, urbanity, good breeding, gentleness, chivalry, gallantry. clean. style, quality. selectivity, selectiveness, precise. beauty (noun)
loveliness, pleasingness, resplendence, shapeliness, Bonniness, glamour, charm, exquisiteness, sublimity, gorgeousness, gracefulness, beauty, Sightliness, comeliness, splendor, elegance, superbness, radiance, Splendidness, prettiness, handsomeness, picturesqueness, attractiveness, fairness.
changes (noun)
effect, transformation, reform, alteration, trend, shake up, evolution, adjustment, change.
cleansing (noun)
cleaning, clarification, purification, draining.
courtesy (noun)
good breeding, urbanity.
cultivation, civilization (noun)
gentleness, lore, polish, sophistication, nuance, discrimination, erudition, tact, good breeding, politeness, subtlety, courtesy, taste, elegance, nicety, style, enlightenment, gentility, fineness, finish, dignity, delicacy, urbanity, civility, grace.
culture (noun)
learning, enlightenment, lore, erudition, science, scholarship.
discrimination (noun)
subtlety, selectiveness, selectivity.
elegance (noun)
culture, Classicalism, breeding, tastefulness, civility, fineness, stylishness, dignity, cultivation, neatness, decorousness, sophistication.
good manners (noun)
propriety, courtesy.
improvement (noun)
enhancement, betterment, advancement, Garnishment, elaboration, gain, enrichment, correction, renovation, furtherance, improvement, progression, embellishment.
propriety (noun)
manners, appropriateness, decorum, suitability, correctness, taste, fittingness, propriety, seemliness, politeness.
refinement (noun)
finish, civilization, civilisation, subtlety, culture, polish, nicety, cultivation, shade, nuance, purification, refining, elaboration.
simplicity (noun)
directness, austerity, singleness, candor, purity, simplicity, unsophistication, baldness, plainness, clarity, chastity, spareness, bareness, terseness, crystallinity, artlessness, innocence.
state (noun)
culture, cultivation, polish, finish.
style (noun)
taste (noun)
discrimination, delicacy, grace, Purism, class.

Other synonyms:

selectivity, courtesy, selectiveness, good breeding. change. clarification. quality. decorum
Other relevant words:
gentleness, learning, nicety, selectivity, savoir-faire, change, evolution, shade, draining, nuance, gentility, reform, enlightenment, polish, style, finish, cleaning, refining, clarification, quality, erudition, subtlety, urbanity, selectiveness, purification, civilisation, courtesy, good breeding, civilization, tact.

Usage examples for refinement

  1. On the other hand, no society is perfect without the elements of beauty, grace, taste, refinement and luxury. – Manners and Social Usages by Mrs. John M. E. W. Sherwood
  2. Mr. Lee was a rare model of human excellence and refinement – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  3. In addition to which, they showed much grace in their acting, and played their parts with real talent; and were as natural on the stage as in the saloon, where they bore themselves with exquisite grace and refinement – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton