Synonyms for Fascination:


love affair, passion, involvement, spice, motivation, public interest, fixation. charisma, call, mystery, animation, vitality, like, novelty, glamour, buzz, spark, color, bite, life, witchery. favourite, fashion, popularity, winner, boom, fashion statement, magnet, HIT, hot spot. amazement (noun)
attention (noun)
concern, attention, rapture, alertness, care, scrutiny, attentiveness, heedfulness, watchfulness, notice, concentration, enrapture, engrossment, entrancement, diligence, immersion, observation, intentness, caution, absorption, mindfulness, interest, regardfulness, consideration.
attraction (noun)
enticement, lure, charm, allure, draw, affinity, magnetism, allurement, attraction, gravitation, attractiveness, temptation, appeal, traction, pull.
charisma (noun)
charm (noun)
curiosity (noun)
inquisitiveness, curiosity, nosiness.
fascination (noun)
enchantment, captivation, enthrallment.
obsession (noun)
strong interest (noun)
charisma, charm, allure, glamour, pull, appeal, attraction, magnetism, enchantment, lure, power, enthrallment, witchery.
wonder (noun)
awe, astonishment, reverence, shock, amazement, wonderment, marvel, wonder, bewilderment.

Other synonyms:

motivation, fixation, popularity, public interest, vitality, passion, fashion statement, involvement, love affair, spark. glamour, magnet, fashion, novelty, life, witchery, charisma. color, animation, mystery. bite, hot spot. buzz. boom. HIT. captivation
Other relevant words:
bite, magnet, power, charisma, fashion, animation, mystery, enchantment, vitality, popularity, passion, color, fixation, enthrallment, witchery, captivation, call, glamour.

Usage examples for fascination

  1. There is a terrible fascination about the ring, and it's getting a stronger hold of me every day I am out." – The-Circus-Boys-Across-the-Continent-or-Winning-New-Laurels-on-the-Tanbark by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  2. Had the latter been either more or less genuine than it was, the task of fascination would have been more difficult, and its success less complete. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald