Synonyms for Sensibility:


good, warm, gentle, kind, caring, Warm-hearted, generous, tender, sensitive, nice. touchy, prim, moody, sense, fragile, defensive, thin-skinned, awareness, sentiment, prudish, squeamish, sensation, hypersensitive. emotion (noun)
responsiveness (noun)
judgment, keenness, perceptivity, awareness.
responsiveness; ability to feel (noun)
sensitiveness, sensation, keenness, sense, sentiment, sensitivity, judgment, awareness.
sanity (noun)
lucidity, common sense, sober-mindedness, realism, sanity, normalcy, rationality, balance, reasonableness.
sensation (noun)
sense (noun)
sensibility (noun)
sensitiveness, sensitivity.

Other synonyms:

sensation. sense. consciousness
Other relevant words:
fragile, sense, moody, judgment, gentle, hypersensitive, prim, caring, sentiment, nice, Warm-hearted, sensitiveness, tender, defensive, touchy, warm, generous, keenness, sensitive, prudish, awareness, thin-skinned, sensation, perceptivity, good, squeamish, sensitivity, kind.

Usage examples for sensibility

  1. The test and characteristic of the artistic nature are superior sensibility to the beautiful. – Essays Æsthetical by George Calvert
  2. A sword- cut, or even a rifle- shot, would, he fancied, have entitled him to sympathy, not untinged with admiration, but he was unpleasantly aware that a man damaged in an encounter with nature's weapons is apt to appear either brutal or ludicrous, and he had noticed Miss Torrance's sensibility – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss
  3. They were both assiduous in their care of Louisa, but Leonora's want of exertion to overcome any disagreeable feelings of sensibility often deprived her of presence of mind, and prevented her from being so constantly useful as Cecilia. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth