Synonyms for Fairness:


a square deal, political correctness. objectivity, dispassionateness, fair, detachment, dispassion, disinterestedness, disinterest, Objectiveness, Impartialness, Equitableness, nonpartisanship. appeal (noun)
attribute (noun)
beauty (noun)
resplendence, Bonniness, shapeliness, comeliness, prettiness, Sightliness, loveliness, Splendidness, refinement, handsomeness, pleasingness, superbness, splendor, sublimity, radiance, beauty, gracefulness, charm, glamour, attractiveness, exquisiteness, gorgeousness, elegance, picturesqueness.
equality (noun)
sameness, equivalence, balance, alikeness, indistinguishability, equality, identicalness.
fairness (noun)
equity, candor, paleness, fair-mindedness, candour, loveliness, beauteousness, blondness, comeliness.
justice (noun)
right, humanity, candor, fair shake, tolerance, exactitude, consideration, reasonableness, fair-mindedness, Equability, suitability, charitableness, legitimacy, disinterestedness, even-handedness, righteousness, equity, due, give and take, decency, open-mindedness, fair play, moderation, Equitableness, square deal, honor, charity, rationality, goodness, honesty, rightness, courtesy, good faith, veracity, propriety, lawfulness, duty, justice, civility.
respectability (noun)
morality, forthrightness, right-mindedness, trueness, purity, worthiness, goodness, blamelessness, angelicness, irreproachability, Estimableness, unimpeachability, creditability, probity, saintliness, respectability, nobility, righteousness, upstandingness, honesty, virtuousness, honor, law-abidingness.
restraint (noun)
temperance (noun)
veracity (noun)
veracity, trueness.

Other synonyms:

Equitableness, nonpartisanship, Impartialness, dispassionateness, disinterest, dispassion, Objectiveness, disinterestedness, objectivity, political correctness. legitimacy. tolerance. detachment. honesty
Other relevant words:
reasonableness, merit, beauteousness, fair shake, straightforwardness, disinterestedness, candor, propriety, dispassion, veracity, square deal, benevolence, niceness, courtesy, open-mindedness, rightness, disinterest, decency, Impartialness, correctness, Objectiveness, evenhandedness, nonpartisanship, Equitableness, sportsmanship, legitimacy, benignity, paleness, fair, fair-mindedness, scrupulousness, candour, dispassionateness, tolerance, objectivity, neutrality, detachment, moderation, blondness.

Usage examples for fairness

  1. And after she had used several arguments, she said something I- I've been thinking it over, and it seemed I ought in fairness to tell you." – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  2. Of course, if I would not let her question me, I could not in fairness question her. – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various
  3. Martha, listening, and wiping her eyes, was shocked into fairness and sympathy. – The Awakening of Helena Richie by Margaret Deland