Synonyms for Narrowness:


confinement, impediment, interference, barrier, restriction. bigotry, intolerance, prejudice, bias, stubbornness. a mental restriction (noun)
bigotry, bias, prejudice, intolerance.
a physical restriction (noun)
thinness, impediment, barrier, restriction, confinement, slimness.
littleness (noun)
compactness, diminutiveness, delicacy, conciseness, brevity, paltriness, fewness, smallness, lowness, scantiness, littleness, minuteness, succinctness, meagerness, shortness, puniness.
narrowness (noun)
leanness, slimness, scrawniness, skinniness, tenuousness, thinness, slenderness, fineness, tightness, lankiness.
smallness (noun)
minuteness, shortness, diminutiveness.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
confinement, intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, restriction.

Usage examples for narrowness

  1. And nothing could be a more weighty testimony against all narrowness of spirit among believers, than his request shortly before his death, that when he did die, John Wesley might be asked to preach his funeral sermon. – A Sketch of the Life and Labors of George Whitefield by John Charles Ryle
  2. She was far more original than he was, and was impatient of the narrowness of the circle in which he moved. – The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford by Mark Rutherford
  3. From the narrowness of Castle- street may be imagined what a scene of confusion it must have been during the fire. – Recollections of Old Liverpool by A Nonagenarian