Synonyms for Friendship:


affection (noun)
fondness, love, sentiment, devotion, tenderness, warmth, feeling, attachment, regard, liking, affection, respect.
benevolence (noun)
companionship (noun)
amiability, attachment, friendliness, good will, accord, benevolence, consideration, affinity, empathy, closeness, harmony, regard, amicability, esteem, concord, agreement, pact, alliance, devotion, league, rapport, understanding, sociability, favor, fondness, love, affection.
friendship (noun)
amiability, closeness, amicability, sociability, neighborliness, friendliness, friendly relationship, like-mindedness, congeniality, warmheartedness, empathy, companionability, chumminess, affinity.
harmony (noun)
empathy, amicability, like-mindedness.
kindliness (noun)
good will.
love (noun)

Other synonyms:

comradeship, multination, international relations, alliance, concord, the international community, brotherhood, intergovernmental, the global village. agreement, bond. friend. multinational. friendly. exchange. affability
fellow feeling
Other relevant words:
cordiality, conviviality, alliance, pact, friend, league, friendly, brotherhood, agreement, kindness, benevolence, kindliness, accord, fraternity, loyalty, favor, camaraderie, understanding, comradeship, geniality, harmony, goodwill, good will, rapport, good nature, multination, exchange, concord, bond, togetherness, confidence, intergovernmental, friendly relationship, consideration, sympathy, esteem.

Usage examples for friendship

  1. " Yes," she said, " a friendship – The Passionate Friends by Herbert George Wells
  2. His friendship is better than gold. – The Golden Rock by Ernest Glanville
  3. And he has suggested this, I think, to prove his friendship – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter