Synonyms for Artistic:


artistic (adjective)
expert, creative, sublime, tasteful, accomplished, poetic, graceful, skillful, masterful, proficient, talented, beautiful, gifted, aesthetic, elegant.
arty (adjective)
beautiful (adjective)
beautiful, satisfying to senses (adjective)
graceful, musical, refined, decorative, ideal, tasteful, stylish, sensitive, creative, imaginative, dramatic, sublime, cultivated, poetic, pictorial, grand, rhythmical, aesthetic, pleasing, elegant, picturesque.
being skilled in creative activity (adjective)
artful, talented, skillful, artsy-craftsy, inventive, discriminating, accomplished, arty, gifted.
creative (adjective)
imaginative, inventive.
dramatic (adjective)
melodramatic, improvisational, burlesque, tragic, comical, dramatic, panoramic, Theatric, pantomimed, mimed.
expert (adjective)
adroit, skillful, masterful, authoritative, expert, professional, adept, crackerjack, sophisticated.
stylish (adjective)
eloquent, adroit, expressive, artful, clever, graceful, skillful, deft, adept, stylish, talented, capable.
tasteful (adjective)
delicate, elegant, discriminating, charming, classic, graceful, in good taste, cultivated, aesthetic, refined, tasteful, choice.


avant-garde, artsy-craftsy, picturesque, baroque, decorative, rhythmical, campy, photographic, studied, camp, accessible, abstract, musical, pictorial. well-balanced, experienced, good, inventive, ideal, sensitive, inept, selective, elevated, able, judicious, imaginative, tasteless, noble, transliterate, flat, grand. barbarian, artsy-fartsy, artsy, cosmopolitan, style, insular, arty, highbrow, refinement. artistic (noun)
aesthetical, aesthetic, pleasing, tasteful, esthetic, in good taste, esthetical.

Other synonyms:

arty, artsy-craftsy, artsy, artsy-fartsy, campy, pictorial, insular. musical, abstract, highbrow, accessible. barbarian, cosmopolitan, camp. Other relevant words:
esthetic, inventive, transliterate, artsy-craftsy, abstract, cosmopolitan, baroque, picturesque, esthetical, well-balanced, campy, flat, elevated, experienced, highbrow, judicious, refinement, musical, ideal, pictorial, camp, in good taste, style, photographic, artsy, selective, avant-garde, able, sensitive, barbarian, insular, good, artsy-fartsy, aesthetical, noble, decorative, accessible, pleasing, tasteless, grand, arty, inept, imaginative, rhythmical, studied.

Usage examples for artistic

  1. Their ideas were wholly provided for them, precisely as were their clothes and every artistic thing that gave them " background." – The Second Generation by David Graham Phillips
  2. Unusual and artistic that's what it is; and it'll show off my hair. – Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce
  3. Why, artistic of course! – Bird of Paradise by Ada Leverson