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trifle (noun)

bagatelle, triviality, trifle.

Other synonyms:

portion, findings, news, stop, post, specific, irrelevance, accessory, brief, entirety, information, generalship, cold call, sign in, nicety, stage, factor, sign up, beat, concomitant, particular, thoroughly, occurrence, nothing, peculiarity, singularity, aspect, unit, specialty, billet, garrison, data, subdivision, clue, nature, minutia, call, element, component, peak, piece, word, particularize, all-points bulletin, Interpol, event, item, dot, direct marketing, non-issue, datum, the CID, specification, percentage point, charge, particular proposition, full point, aftermarket, fort, gunpoint, job, guard, fraction, breaker point, dog tag, reference, waitlist, article, incident, clean up, assignment, Amber alert, base, period, head, facet, adjunct, part, feature, stuff, inessentials, power point, trait, fact, point in time, section, specify, pointedness, detailed, business, bust, A to Z, degree, spot, technicality, token, circumstance, property, agent provocateur, real, whole, APB, substructure, highway patrol, forensics, fine print, fatigues, level, full stop, completely, compass point, contingent, decimal point, checkpoint, minutiae, operation, drug squad, customer care, clampdown, particularity, stipulate, churn rate, organization, accompaniment, trivia, distributor point, report, specifically, cross-selling, with particulars, buyer's market, quality, constabulary, dead wood, bit, tip, point, flying squad, position, segment, situation, credit rating.

Examples of usage:

I had to master the business from the beginning, learning every detail before I could put it on the efficiency basis that I knew it must attain before I could be satisfied. - "Molly Brown's Orchard Home", Nell Speed.

That's no small detail, you know, even though it escaped for the moment." - "The Husbands of Edith", George Barr McCutcheon.

Do not think any detail too minute or trifling for your inquiry and observation. - "Letters to His Son, 1753-1754", The Earl of Chesterfield.

Similar words:

detail file, details, detain, detach, detailed, detains.

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