Synonyms for Hindrance:


embarrassment, study at impediment, problem, inconvenience, predicament. artifact (noun)
hitch, interference, encumbrance, preventive, preventative, incumbrance.
hindrance (noun)
dam, balk, preventive, hitch, constraint, stay, blockage, frustration, interference, stoppage, impasse, check, impediment, stop, impedance, congestion, delay, complication, deterrent, plug, disadvantage, restriction, jam, preventative, barrier, bottleneck, choke, entanglement, interruption, mire, crimp, drag, hurdle, block, blockade, burden, constipation, obstacle, snag, handicap, drawback, catch, bung, damper, bafflement, snarl, brake, baulk, tangle, restraint, incumbrance, encumbrance, entrapment, clog.
obstruction, difficulty (noun)
impediment, impedance, encumbrance, snag, clog, restraint, obstacle, check, barrier, restriction, interruption, catch, drag, deterrent, stoppage, drawback, hitch, handicap, interference, crimp.
opposition (noun)
contradiction, conflict, counterattack, challenge, suppression, obstruction, interference, friction, counteraction, repulsion, resistance, rebuff, impediment, repression, inhibition, opposition, obstinacy, dispute, disagreement, adversary, defiance, protest, confrontation, antagonism, fight, objection.
resistance (noun)
restraint (noun)
bridle, detention, bondage, leash, collar, control, shackle, Detainment, stricture, confinement, constriction, tether.

Other synonyms:

wall, embarrassment. traverse. Other relevant words:
hitch, problem, preventative, inconvenience, balk, check, preventive, traverse, baulk, wall, embarrassment, hamper, predicament, incumbrance.

Usage examples for hindrance

  1. " I was thoroughly well, as you know," said Bartja, " when we left Babylon, and we reached Germa, a little town on the Sangarius, without the slightest hindrance – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. Though Jane thought this decisive step would set her mind at rest, sleep was impossible to her after such excitement, fatigue, and disappointment; and the solitude she had longed for only gave her leave to turn over all the painful circumstances of her position without let or hindrance – Mr. Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence
  3. But the truth is, Burton's brilliant requirements were really a hindrance to him. – The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wright