Synonyms for Considerate:


benevolent (adjective)
charitable, high-minded, beneficent, chivalrous, noble, compassionate, bountiful, generous, motherly, kind, benevolent, unselfish, munificent, altruistic, philanthropic, alms-giving, neighborly, humanitarian, humane.
circumspect (adjective)
circumspect, prudent, careful, discriminatory, watchful, thoughtful, observant, diplomatic, politic, cautious, judicious, mindful, discretionary, discreet, safe, solicitous.
courteous (adjective)
dignified, polite, suave, courteous, chivalrous, obliging, gentlemanly, gallant, civil, deferential, agreeable, diplomatic, thoughtful, mannerly, well-bred, gracious, graceful, hospitable, respectful, noble, decorous, well-mannered, ladylike.
friendly (adjective)
generous (adjective)
loving (adjective)
respectful of others (adjective)
charitable, obliging, attentive, compassionate, tender, unselfish, kind, thoughtful, mindful, benevolent, discreet, generous, circumspect, chivalrous, polite, solicitous.


good, tender, sensitive, nice, Warm-hearted, caring, gentle, warm. attentive, treat well. considerate (noun)
compassionate, unselfish, gracious, generous, attentive, charitable, altruistic, obliging, thoughtful, sensitive, discreet, solicitous, kind, caring.
thoughtful (noun)
attentive, study at thoughtful.

Other synonyms:

attentive, nice. kind
gentle, good.
Other relevant words:
good, tender, nice, warm, caring, gentle, attentive, sensitive, Warm-hearted.

Usage examples for considerate

  1. A very considerate woman, I remarked; to which Miss Graham made reply as the train came storming up: Nobody knows how considerate even if she has dismissed me rather suddenly from her service. – The Millionaire Baby by Anna Katharine Green