Synonyms for Gathered:


assembled (adjective)
Culled, amassed, joined, lumped together, rounded up, Picked, united, forgathered, huddled, crowded together, Gleaned, Harvested, Hoarded, Convoked, collected, Aggregated, associated, Convened, Rallied, Garnered, piled, accumulated, massed, brought together, Met, stacked, stored, Swarmed, Summoned, reunited, Congregated, Collocated, Mobilized, Marshaled, concentrated, combined, grouped, thronged, Compiled.
collected (adjective)
received (adjective)
stocked (adjective)
taken (adjective)
Bagged, amassed, collected, appropriated, Captured, Nabbed, usurped, abducted, Caught, Grabbed, Impounded, Annexed, Commandeered, Levied, Reaped, acquired, Procured, Harvested, Gotten, taken, confiscated.
wrinkled (adjective)
tucked, pleated, Crimped, furrowed, corrugated, rippled, wrinkled, creased, folded, puckered.


assembled (noun)
reunited, Gleaned, Collocated, Swarmed, Aggregated, accumulated, crowded together, amalgamated, piled, forgathered, stowed away, Culled, Garnered, thronged, combined, united, Hoarded, Compiled, incorporated, rounded up, Summoned, lumped together, huddled, grouped, Picked, Mobilized, Collated, Marshaled, massed, stacked, brought together, associated, stored, raked up, heaped.
gathered (noun)
deepened, concentrated, collected.


believed (verb)
Surmised, accepted, credited, assumed, trusted, affirmed, held, concluded, Assented, supposed, Judged, presumed, professed, Believed, taken for granted, maintained, took for granted, understood, Deemed, given faith, put faith in, gave faith, declared.
congregated (verb)
Congregated, Met, Convened, Mustered, assembled.
convoked (verb)
expected (verb)
awaited, Foreknew, Foreknown, dreaded, imagined, anticipated, expected, Presupposed, Deduced, foresaw, Contemplated, Foreboded, foreseen, envisioned, Envisaged, suspected, Inferred, apprehended.
focused (verb)
Rallied, centered, funneled, Converged, focused, Intersected.
met (verb)
Greeted, received, ran into, Encountered, run into, welcomed, bumped into, joined.
socialized (verb)
hob-nobbed, hosted, socialized, attended, Conversed, Befriended, Talked.
took (verb)
Monopolized, Got, deprived, Took.
wrinkled (verb)
tucked, pleated, Crimped, furrowed, corrugated, rippled, wrinkled, creased, folded, puckered.

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Other relevant words:
Swarmed, combined, deepened, Compiled, heaped, accumulated, Summoned, Garnered, stored, concentrated, Hoarded, massed, Gleaned, Aggregated, incorporated, associated, piled, Mobilized, Collated, huddled, grouped, Picked, brought together, forgathered, crowded together, united, Culled, stacked.

Usage examples for gathered

  1. The five raiders gathered beside the truck and broke out laughing. – A Yankee Flier in Italy by Rutherford G. Montgomery
  2. But from what I have gathered here and there, Jim and Talpers fell out over money matters. – Mystery Ranch by Arthur Chapman
  3. Comfort is gathered from the fact that his life was one of service. – Tales and Trails of Wakarusa by Alexander Miller Harvey