Synonyms for Friendliness:


amiableness, Cordialness, good, warmth, sociableness, amenity, Genialness, attitude, congenialness, pleasantness, agreeability. affection (noun)
warmth, love.
cheerfulness (noun)
easygoingness, cheerfulness, sunniness, geniality, agreeableness, cheer, Jolliness, joyfulness, lightheartedness, warmness, cordiality, buoyancy, merriness, Cheeriness, happiness, bonhomie, congeniality, pleasance, gaiety, affability, complaisance, good humor, amiability, jauntiness.
companionability (noun)
warmth, congeniality, kindness, friendship, geniality, conviviality, cordiality, neighborliness, amity, amiability, affability, sociability.
companionship (noun)
cordiality (noun)
courtesy (noun)
friendliness (noun)
geniality, affability, kindness, conviviality, congeniality, companionability, sociability, warmth, amiability.
friendship (noun)
affinity, like-mindedness, empathy, friendship, chumminess, closeness, warmheartedness.
love (noun)
infatuation, romance, kinship, communion, crush, intimacy, idolization, faithfulness, love, fondness, passion, oneness, liking, worship, sentimentality, endearment, desire, attachment, affection, amorousness, tenderness, devotion, adoration.
peace (noun)
order, amity, repose, truce, tranquility, cease-fire, serenity, quiescence, armistice, nonaggression, nonresistance, accord, calm, orderliness, rest, quietness, placidness, neutrality, quiet, concord, peace.
sociability (noun)
graciousness, hospitality, gregariousness, neighborliness, Chattiness, amicability, talkativeness, companionability, garrulousness, Courteousness, sociability, heartiness, conviviality, gabbiness, folksiness, vivaciousness.

Other synonyms:

amiableness, agreeability, pleasantness, congenialness, sociableness, Genialness, Cordialness, kindness. amenity. Other relevant words:
Cordialness, attitude, sociableness, kindness, pleasantness, congenialness, good, warmth, amiableness, amenity, agreeability, Genialness.

Usage examples for friendliness

  1. The friendliness of such recognition is a delightful thing to a man about to graduate from the season of his usefulness. – The Letters of William James, Vol. II by William James
  2. It no doubt detected that he had come to show no special friendliness to his owner. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. " Come a little farther from the fire, Ulic,- a little nearer to me," says Monica, in a tone of shy friendliness and I think you will be more comfortable." – Rossmoyne by Unknown