Synonyms for Communion:


amish, benedictine, benefice, acolyte, calvinism, anglican, christendom, beadle, Bible-thumper, baptist. baptise, amen, catechism, celebrate, intercommunication, knowledge, baptize, benediction, the Book of Common Prayer, anthem, call down. contact, persuasion, church, denomination, faith, self-expression, interaction, sect, correspondence, religion, transmission, liaison, cross-fertilization, articulation. act (noun)
holy communion, manduction, Sacramental Manduction.
affinity, agreement (noun)
accord, intimacy, contact, association, intercommunication, fellowship.
association (noun)
association, fellowship, accord, union, agreement.
communication (noun)
communion (noun)
holy communion, manduction, Sacramental Manduction, sharing.
love (noun)
love, adoration, devotion, kinship, amorousness, endearment, idolization, oneness, romance, affection, desire, passion, intimacy, fondness, worship, sentimentality, liking, friendliness, faithfulness, infatuation, attachment, crush, tenderness.
religious belief (noun)
rite (noun)
confirmation, ritual, nones, transubstantiation, mass, service, baptism, sacrament, solemnization, rite, evensong, initiation, liturgy, revival, marriage, remembrance, observance, last rites, eucharist, vesper, novena, wedlock, convocation, canon, matrimony, Siddur, christening, celebration, ceremony, missal, sacrifice, holiday.
sacrament in church; body of believers sharing a sacrament (noun)
denomination, religion, eucharist, faith, mass, sacrament, persuasion, church.
school of thought (noun)

Other synonyms:

religion. church, fellowship, intercommunication, sect. denomination. persuasion, faith. sacramental manduction
Sacramental Manduction.
Other relevant words:
holy communion, baptise, accord, benedictine, correspondence, cross-fertilization, baptist, articulation, celebrate, beadle, association, acolyte, union, intercommunication, liaison, Sacramental Manduction, catechism, agreement, amish, transmission, denomination, persuasion, fellowship, contact, sect, christendom, benediction, anthem, self-expression, benefice, church, knowledge, baptize, anglican, amen, manduction, sharing, calvinism, faith, interaction, religion.

Usage examples for communion

  1. But the Holy Communion was not the only regular Service. – The Prayer Book Explained by Percival Jackson
  2. When my pure child speaks thoughts beyond herself, and describes to me some vision which I at the same time behold, with the exact look and gesture of her mother, I say I believe in spirit communion – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams
  3. He knew that he was comprehended, and this is the final ecstasy of all communion – Masterman and Son by W. J. Dawson