Synonyms for Geniality:


sociableness, congenialness, warmth, pleasantness, Cordialness, Genialness, attitude, good, agreeability, amenity. amenity (noun)
cheer (noun)
Cheeriness, jauntiness.
cheerfulness (noun)
lightheartedness, agreeableness, congeniality, pleasance, warmness, buoyancy, happiness, affability, cheerfulness, merriness, easygoingness, jauntiness, cheer, Jolliness, good humor, gaiety, Cheeriness, joyfulness, complaisance, friendliness, bonhomie, sunniness.
courtesy (noun)
extreme niceness (noun)
kindness, agreeableness, amiability, pleasance, cheerfulness, Cheeriness, happiness, congenialness, heartiness, friendliness, cordiality, pleasantness, amenity, affability, sunniness, warmth, agreeability, conviviality.
geniality (noun)
bonhomie, affableness, amiability, amiableness, affability.
kindliness (noun)
mildness (noun)
liberality, gentleness, laxity, clemency, libertarianism, easiness, quietness, kindness, liberty, insipidity, amiability, evenness, benevolence, latitude, tenderness, liberalness, moderation, meekness, permissiveness, benignity, acceptance, peaceableness, open-mindedness, charity, forbearance, mildness, cordiality, moderateness, lenience, tolerance, softness, broad-mindedness.
sociability (noun)
Chattiness, gregariousness, hospitality, heartiness, talkativeness, gabbiness, conviviality, vivaciousness, amicability, neighborliness, folksiness, Courteousness, sociability, graciousness, garrulousness, companionability.

Other synonyms:

Genialness, congenialness, Cordialness, pleasantness, sociableness, agreeability. warmth, friendship. amenity. Other relevant words:
sociableness, Cordialness, agreeability, affableness, pleasantness, congenialness, amiableness, warmth, amenity, friendship, Genialness.

Usage examples for geniality

  1. " Sit down, sit down," the Baron said, with unwonted geniality and tell me of what is going on here." – 'O Thou, My Austria!' by Ossip Schubin
  2. Every day Silas Croft beamed with an enlarged geniality in his satisfaction at the turn that matters had taken, and every day John found cause to congratulate himself more and more on the issue of his bold venture towards matrimony. – Jess by H. Rider Haggard
  3. On reading through your last letter again I feel just a little worried lest, in the pleasure you derive from Father Rowley's treatment of what was no doubt a very irritating young man, you may be inclined to go to the opposite extreme and be too ready to laugh at real piety when it is not accompanied by geniality and good fellowship, or by an obvious zeal for good works. – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie