Synonyms for Amiability:


pleasantness, agreeability, sociableness, Genialness, good, Cordialness, attitude, congenialness, amenity, warmth. amenity (noun)
amiability (noun)
amiableness, good temper, bonhomie, affableness, affability, Good Humour, geniality, good humor.
cheerfulness (noun)
bonhomie, joyfulness, congeniality, Jolliness, happiness, pleasance, affability, sunniness, merriness, lightheartedness, warmness, jauntiness, agreeableness, buoyancy, friendliness, gaiety, cheerfulness, complaisance, easygoingness, cheer, Cheeriness, good humor.
companionship (noun)
courtesy (noun)
feeling (noun)
good temper, good humor, Good Humour.
friendship (noun)
chumminess, like-mindedness, closeness, affinity, affection, warmheartedness, empathy, friendship.
mildness (noun)
forbearance, lenience, libertarianism, geniality, permissiveness, insipidity, benignity, evenness, open-mindedness, peaceableness, broad-mindedness, softness, liberality, quietness, tolerance, kindness, liberalness, easiness, moderateness, gentleness, tenderness, benevolence, liberty, laxity, cordiality, acceptance, clemency, meekness, latitude, moderation, charity, mildness.
pleasant and friendly (noun)
amiableness, agreeableness, friendliness, cordiality, amenity, geniality, congeniality, sociability, sociableness, bonhomie, agreeability, Cordialness, warmth, pleasantness, affability.
sociability (noun)
vivaciousness, sociability, conviviality, Courteousness, garrulousness, hospitality, amicability, talkativeness, Chattiness, neighborliness, heartiness, folksiness, gabbiness, gregariousness, companionability, graciousness.

Other synonyms:

agreeability, pleasantness, Cordialness, Genialness, congenialness, sociableness. warmth. amenity. Other relevant words:
congenialness, good temper, warmth, sociableness, amenity, pleasantness, agreeability, Genialness, good, affableness, amiableness, Good Humour, Cordialness.

Usage examples for amiability

  1. And now, as she looked at Caroline and saw that pretty pink and white face, the slim beautiful body, the grace and gaiety, and childish amiability her whole soul responded. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. This was so exquisitely said that Lark was quite restored to amiability by it. – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  3. Had he ever troubled to examine himself honestly, Gilbart must have acknowledged himself Casey's inferior in all but amiability and Casey no doubt knew this. – The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch