Synonyms for Patience:


steadiness. accept. act (noun)
calm (noun)
equanimity, rest, calmness, stillness, repose, quiet, peace, peacefulness, calm, serenity, poise, placidity, tranquility, composure.
capacity, willingness to endure (noun)
submission, staying power, perseverance, poise, composure, long-suffering, calmness, equanimity, resignation, grit, serenity, yielding, stoicism, tolerance, bearing, longanimity, leniency, passiveness, persistence, moderation, self-control, fortitude, endurance, forbearance, sufferance, nonresistance.
game (noun)
checkers, gin, marbles, gin rummy, keno, contract bridge, quoits, euchre, backgammon, rummy, blind man's bluff, billiards, stud poker, dominoes, faro, pinochle, cribbage, poker, bridge, tiddlywinks, canasta, old maid, hopscotch, solitaire, chess, shuffleboard, blackjack, Skat, whist, baccarat, snooker, mah-jongg, seven-up, game, rum, draughts, Chinese Checkers, hearts, penny ante, straight poker, parcheesi, draw poker, horseshoes.
impassivity (noun)
patience (noun)
forbearance, solitaire, strength, acceptance, longanimity.
perseverance (noun)
grit, staying power, lastingness, stamina, abidingness, indomitability, unfailingness, endurance, tenacity, survivability, bravery, persistence, indefatigability, sand, perseverance, steadfastness.
quietness (noun)
resignation (noun)
restraint (noun)
temperance (noun)

Other synonyms:

beggar-thy-neighbor, tolerance. pontoon. forbearance
indulgence, forbearance.
strength, acceptance.

Usage examples for patience

  1. And O that patience may have its perfect work! – Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by John Yeardley
  2. I am at your orders, Albert; only I think you will have to arm yourself with patience for several hours longer. – The Idol of Paris by Sarah Bernhardt
  3. " Well, finish," said Montalais, out of patience with him. – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere