Synonyms for Technical:


concerning details, mechanics (adjective)
special, abstruse, scientific, industrial, scholarly, mechanical, high-tech, restricted, technological, professional, specialized, methodological.
electrical (adjective)
electronic, conductive, electromagnetic, positive, electrostatic, magnetic, inductive, electrical, negative.
methodical (adjective)
mannerly, programmatic, tactical, methodical, schematic, disciplined, procedural, meticulously, systematic, mechanical.


metaphysical, central, deterministic, conceptual, popular, orthodox, utopian, nonconformist. capable, accomplished, able, gifted, transliterate, experienced. classical, idiomatic, figuratively, creole, extinct, agglutinative, disyllabic, dead, figurative, cognate. cybernetics, intermediate technology, fifth-generation, high-tech, appropriate technology, animatronics, redundancy, nanotechnology, bleeding edge, high technology. technical (noun)
specialised, commercial, abstract, technological, theoretical, specialized.


specialized (verb)
professional, abstruse, methodological, highly versed, restricted, scientific, scholarly, industrial, special.

Other synonyms:

industrial. Other relevant words:
extinct, nonconformist, commercial, special, figurative, animatronics, abstract, idiomatic, specialized, gifted, deterministic, creole, dead, figuratively, redundancy, disyllabic, industrial, cybernetics, specialised, orthodox, accomplished, conceptual, high-tech, fifth-generation, nanotechnology, transliterate, theoretical, cognate, scholarly, metaphysical, scientific, utopian, capable, experienced, restricted, agglutinative, central, abstruse, classical, technological, popular, methodological, professional, able.

Usage examples for technical

  1. To be sure, any person accused could make his technical defense if he had the means to employ the necessary counsel. – Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909 by Franklin Hichborn