Synonyms for Including:


containing (adjective)
as well as, counting, in addition to, inclusive of, along with, among other things, in conjunction with, not to mention, together with, made up of.


also (adverb)
further, also, likewise, furthermore, as well as, not to mention, too, in addition, along with, moreover, And, together with, additionally, besides.


also (adverb)
furthermore, in conjunction with, And, as well as, not to mention, moreover, in addition, also, likewise, additionally, besides, together with, along with, further, too.


covering, among other things, in addition to, counting, all-inclusive, all-or-nothing, coupled with, with the addition of, overall, the sum total, numbering, made up of, in conjunction with, wholesale, to say nothing of, Everything, inclusive of, complete, altogether, whole, all.


composing (verb)
embracing, Constituting, Fabricating, combining, Embodying, Inventing, Constructing, Making-up, composing, Forming, compiling.
containing (verb)
holding, accommodating, Comprising, Containing, enclosing, stowing, Receiving.
including (verb)
Incorporating, Involving, enmeshing, Marrying, Entangling, integrating, encompassing, wedding, enveloping.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
all-or-nothing, all-inclusive, wholesale, complete, coupled with, all, counting, whole, Everything, in conjunction with, altogether, made up of, covering, in addition to, inclusive of, numbering, overall.

Usage examples for Including

  1. On the 7th of August, 1679, we went on board being in all four and thirty men, including two Recollets who came to us, and sail'd from the Mouth of the Lake Erie. – The Niagara River by Archer Butler Hulbert
  2. In one word, a man whom everybody loved- including his wife. – The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins