Synonyms for Mindful:


all (adjective)
attentive (adjective)
heedful, careful, observing, cautious, Scrutinizing, sharp, Concentrating, enraptured, intent, Considering, Hearkening, alert, interested, responsible, Immersed, engrossed, attentive, vigilant, concerned, observant, entranced, watchful, regardful, rapt, diligent, fascinated, absorbed.
attentive, aware (adjective)
conscious, cautious, knowledgeable, observant, solicitous, careful, conversant, heedful, vigilant, thoughtful, cognizant, observing, regardful, knowing, conscientious, alert, wary, watchful.
aware (adjective)
responsive, familiar with, aware, perceptive, sentient, feeling, Apprised, conscious, sensitive, appreciative, attentive, observant, cognizant, sensory, astute.
cautious (adjective)
wary, circumspect, prudent, aware, attentive, alert, observant, watchful, careful, heedful, guarded, deliberate, cautious.
circumspect (adjective)
politic, prudent, diplomatic, discretionary, discriminatory, cautious, watchful, safe, careful, circumspect, judicious, observant, solicitous, discreet, thoughtful, considerate.
vigilant (adjective)
cautious, finical, thorough, provident, prepared, thoughtful, observant, alert, fastidious, scrupulous, ready, careful, attentive, watchful, strict, fussy, heedful, meticulous, guarded, particular, diligent, responsible, conscientious, sharp-eyed, prudent, precise, regardful, vigilant, exacting.
worried (adjective)


knowing, conversant, awake to something, knowledgeable, familiar with something, au fait, informed, clued up, omniscient. awareness. mindful (noun)
heedful, careful, reminiscent, redolent, reminiscent of, aware, evocative, remindful, redolent of.

Other synonyms:

appreciative, attentive, aware, careful, conscious, considerate, regardful, sharp-eyed.