Synonyms for Regal:


all (adjective)
majestic, purple, royal, imperial.
fit for royalty (adjective)
imposing, august, noble, stately, royal, sovereign, kingly, majestic, sublime, splendid, monarchical.
noble (adjective)
courtly, grand, kingly, patrician, great, stately, august, heroic, imperial, ladylike, noble, queen-like, majestic, lordly, princely, magisterial, royal, dignified, knightly, celebrated, imposing, baronial, aristocratic, distinguished, sovereign.


ducal, blue-blooded, monarchical. sublime, good, superb, splendid, big, Magnific, grandiose. regal (noun)
royal, imperial, purple, noble, majestic.

Other synonyms:

Magnific. grandiose, sublime. splendid. Other relevant words:
blue-blooded, big, monarchical, superb, purple, splendid, ducal, good, Magnific, sublime, grandiose.

Usage examples for regal

  1. The advantages of his noble birth, a regal fortune, peace, and the splendid life which by habit and nature were dear to him, all these he sacrificed to the cause; he was reduced to poverty and exiled, yet in both poverty and exile he constantly refused the offers of pardon and of favor that were made from many sides and in many ways by the enemy who hated and feared him. – Holland, v. 1 (of 2) by Edmondo de Amicis
  2. She seemed to me a regal goddess- like woman, one that a man might worship with that tribute of fear and adoration that savages pay to the fire and the sun. – Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis