Synonyms for Unmindful:


absent-minded (adjective)
faraway, absent, distracted, dreamy, unthinking, unheeding, preoccupied.
accidental (adjective)
all (adjective)
blind (adjective)
careless (adjective)
perfunctory, irresponsible, napping, imprudent, slipshod, regardless, Absent-minded, indifferent, sloppy, nonchalant, Disregardful, reckless, unconcerned.
heedless (adjective)
foolhardy, feckless, slapdash, rash.
inattentive (adjective)
inattentive, unconcerned, dreamy, faraway, uninterested, heedless, unheedful, distracted, Disregardful, absent, inadvertent, disinterested, befuddled, Absent-minded, negligent, napping, Ignoring, wandering, aloof, preoccupied, detached, oblivious, unconscious, thoughtless.
incurious (adjective)
detached, heedless, dispassionate, unconcerned, uninquisitive, regardless, incurious, disinterested, indifferent, uninterested, careless.
neglectful (adjective)
shoddy, careless, neglectful, perfunctory, inattentive, remiss, unheedful, inconsiderate, thoughtless, bumbling, senile, haphazard, derelict, reckless, slipshod, slapdash, Disregardful, negligent, clumsy, slovenly, forgetful, sloppy, inadvertent, hit-and-miss.
reckless (adjective)
indifferent, nonchalant, heedless, wild, rash, foolhardy, negligent, imprudent, frantic, careless, thoughtless, inattentive, brash, irresponsible, daring, reckless, hectic.
unheeding (adjective)
unmindful (adjective)
inadvertent, remiss, heedless, neglectful, negligent, forgetful, unconscious, inattentive, oblivious, thoughtless, careless, unobservant.


feckless, careful, unthinking. unobservant, unheeding.

Other synonyms:

unheeding, feckless, unobservant. unthinking. Other relevant words:
careless, feckless, unheeding, unobservant, unthinking.

Usage examples for unmindful

  1. De Spain walked down to the inn unmindful of the heat. – Nan of Music Mountain by Frank H. Spearman
  2. Unmindful of the keys, across which her fingers strayed, she was gazing off into space, as if seeking some friendly face; and to the same sombre, passionate, plaintive melody she sang: " The way is dark, my Father! – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson
  3. Unmindful of his wetting, Alan ran to her side. – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray