Synonyms for Favorite:


darling (adjective)
dear, adored, well-beloved, fair-haired, cherished, honey, beloved, favored, darling, treasured, precious.
preferred (adjective)
choice, darling, especial, intimate, favored, sweetheart, popular, beloved, pet, precious, personal, adored, wished-for, desired, treasured, cherished, dear.


field, contender, the competition, entrant, candidate, contestant, competitor, all-comers. desirable, to die for, wanted, like, longed-for, top. inequality, bias, win, inequity, cruelty, nepotism, cronyism, injustice, imbalance, shoo-in, partiality. fashion, HIT, popularity, fashion statement, winner, hot spot, magnet, boom, fascination. czarina, tsar, herald, tsarina, thane, elizabethan, emperor, canute, czar. darling (noun)
idol, treasure, sweetheart, jewel, love, pet.
something or someone cherished, prized (noun)
love, idol, ideal, shoo-in.


liked (verb)
ideal, choice, especially liked, intimate, desired, popular, chosen, personal, especial, best-liked, wished-for.

Other synonyms:

elizabethan, all-comers, canute, shoo-in, contender, contestant, czar, imbalance, tsar, cronyism, inequality, czarina, emperor, inequity, nepotism, thane. candidate, partiality, injustice, competitor, cruelty, entrant. bias. herald, field. Other relevant words:
fascination, herald, cronyism, popular, entrant, all-comers, cruelty, magnet, czarina, personal, boom, wished-for, win, field, contender, desired, choice, emperor, thane, winner, popularity, bias, partiality, contestant, longed-for, injustice, canute, ideal, tsar, tsarina, wanted, elizabethan, inequality, chosen, like, fashion, inequity, especially liked, top, candidate, czar, best-liked, nepotism, intimate, imbalance, competitor, HIT, desirable, especial, shoo-in.

Usage examples for favorite

  1. But it only took ten minutes to win her smiles and make you a declared favorite – The Northern Light by E. Werner