Synonyms for Qualifier:


allophone, allomorph, collocate, antecedent, case, cleft sentence, article, clause, accusative, adjunct. contestant, contender, all-comers, entrant, favourite, the competition, favorite, field, candidate, competitor. championship, challenge, close season, clash, crown, the Commonwealth Games, contest, cup, bye, card. adjective (noun)
adjunct, modifier.
grammar (noun)
language, usage, subject, form, object, phrase, structure, conjugation, syntax, formulation, wording, predicate, phraseology, grammar.
qualifier (noun)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
all-comers, clause, crown, collocate, adjunct, contest, favorite, bye, competitor, cup, challenge, allophone, accusative, allomorph, antecedent, modifier, contender, article, championship, contestant, favourite, candidate, field, entrant, clash, case, card.