Synonyms for Favored:


darling (adjective)
darling, adored, fair-haired, cherished, dear, precious, honey, beloved, well-beloved, favorite, treasured.
fashionable (adjective)
fortunate (adjective)
advantageous, blessed, successful, fortunate, lucky, propitious, fortuitous, favorable, auspicious.
popular (adjective)
fair-haired, lucky, chosen, selected, blessed, well-liked, pet, privileged, preferred, advantaged.
supported (adjective)


longed-for, desired, wanted, desirable, top, to die for. bias, cruelty, partiality, inequity, injustice, nepotism, inequality, imbalance, cronyism. picturesque, like, prettily, picture postcard, popular, unspoiled, uninterrupted, panoramic, Favoured, pretty, well-liked. favored (noun)
favorite, advantaged, fortunate, blest, favourite, pet, loved, blessed, privileged, golden, preferred.


assisted (verb)
supported, fostered, aided, assisted, Availed, Upheld, backed, sustained, Helped, Served, Succored, Abetted, Benefited.
benefited (verb)
Furthered, Bettered, did good, advanced, Contributed, done good.
chose (verb)
determined, Espoused, selected, elected, Wished, Judged, adopted, Picked, Chose, preferred, fancied, liked, decided, chosen.
obliged (verb)
obliged, Necessitated, required, Demanded, Indulged, constrained, needed, Accommodated.

Other synonyms:

longed-for, well-liked, panoramic, unspoiled, wanted, desirable, desired, popular. picturesque, uninterrupted, picture postcard. pretty. top. Other relevant words:
pet, desired, favourite, well-liked, loved, blest, top, panoramic, unspoiled, pretty, longed-for, golden, advantaged, privileged, popular, Favoured.

Usage examples for favored

  1. He favored the schoolteacher with another black look and then swung out of the saddle, throwing his reins. – The Rangeland Avenger by Max Brand
  2. It was Dan'l, in the end, who brought Mauger and Cap'n Wing together; and if matters went beyond what he had intended, that was because chance favored him. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams