Synonyms for Starter:


crudites, course, accompaniment, entree, antipasto, dessert, aperitif, cheeseboard. favourite, all-comers, contestant, favorite, the competition, candidate, contender, field, competitor. camshaft, bearing, carriage, bucket, ball bearing, cam, button, chamber, ancillary, belt. outset, beginning, start, conception, arrival, onset, introduction, starting point, appearance, commencement. visionary, engineer, progenitor, creator, creative commons. linesman, judge, book, commentary box, call, officiate, caller, card. artifact (noun)
starting motor, starter motor.
beginner (noun)
originator, inventor, opener, initiator, pioneer.
innovator (noun)
spark plug, originator, beginner, initiator, father of, opener, pioneer, author, leading spirit, moving spirit, master, inventor.
novitiate (noun)
starter (noun)
neophyte, fledgling, appetizer, crank, newcomer, fledgeling, freshman, appetiser, starter motor, starting motor, entrant, dispatcher.

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Other relevant words:
arrival, contestant, dessert, beginner, pioneer, favourite, introduction, originator, opener, favorite, creator, inventor, initiator, antipasto.

Usage examples for starter

  1. So I ordered three dozen as a starter that is, two cases, and I got a really good price on them. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead