Synonyms for Herald:


eulogize, flatter, compliment, pat someone on the back, praise, extol, congratulate, pay someone a compliment, sing someone's/something's praises. mean, symbolize, identify, betray, Presager, represent, foresight, foreshadower, indicate, signify, stand for, show. preview, litmus test, tip off, signal. czarina, emperor, canute, thane, favorite, elizabethan, czar, tsar, tsarina. heraldry, shield, crest, escutcheon, coat of arms. apostle (noun)
augury (noun)
portent, forewarning.
courier (noun)
carrier, dispatcher, envoy.
emissary (noun)
envoy (noun)
reporter, runner, bearer, prophet, adviser.
herald (noun)
foretell, hail, adviser, sign, acclaim, signal, courier, annunciate, indication, prophet, trumpeter, harbinger, precursor, bearer, announce, forerunner, runner, reporter.
indication (noun)
messenger (noun)
dispatcher, carrier, messenger, envoy, postman, delegate, courier, mediator, mailman, announcer, harbinger.
omen (noun)
augury, forewarning, indication, sign, portent, writing on the wall, pre-indication, omen, symptom, warning signal, presage, foretoken, foretaste, caution, premonitory sign.
person (noun)
precursor (noun)
Presager, precursor.
publication (noun)
journal, post, notice, organ, promotion, commercial, report, newspaper, newsmagazine, propaganda, advertisement, promulgation, dissemination, broadcast, periodical, circular, review, bulletin, handbill, publication, brief, newsletter, announcement, gazette, journalism.


announce (verb)
signify, foretell.
communication (verb)
herald (verb)
foretoken, indicate, show, broadcast, announce, presage.

Other synonyms:

elizabethan, tsar, czar, canute, Presager, emperor, coat of arms, foreshadower, czarina, heraldry, thane, escutcheon. favorite. shield, crest. Other relevant words:
favorite, elizabethan, shield, escutcheon, thane, emperor, adviser, czar, eulogize, acclaim, foretell, reporter, annunciate, symbolize, precursor, identify, extol, trumpeter, canute, preview, betray, show, flatter, praise, forerunner, signal, signify, tsarina, runner, indicate, announce, Presager, hail, compliment, czarina, heraldry, bearer, represent, prophet, congratulate, tsar, foreshadower, crest, foresight, mean.

Usage examples for herald

  1. Before you are clear of the hotel steps an Arab in a sweater and loose skirt, something like the Malay sarong, rushes up and shouts: " The latest New York Herald just came this morning!" – The Critic in the Orient by George Hamlin Fitch
  2. The Prince sent to the Duke a herald who was to propose that all prisoners who might be taken in the coming campaign should be exchanged instead of being executed. – The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74 by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: January 25, 2009
  3. Minaya the King's herald commanded to withdraw. – The Lay of the Cid by R. Selden Rose and Leonard Bacon