Synonyms for Huffy:


all (adjective)
thin-skinned, touchy.
angry (adjective)
displeased, sore, irritated, bitter, irascible.
cantankerous (adjective)
cranky, prickly, bearish, sour.
crabby/crabbed (adjective)
acrimonious, churlish, acid, tart.
fractious (adjective)
huffy (adjective)
huffish, Piqued, touchy, crabbed, crusty, cross, insulted, petulant, snappish, irritable, put out, annoyed, peevish, surly.
incensed (adjective)
indignant (adjective)
irascible (adjective)
angry, cantankerous.
irritable (adjective)
caustic, prickly, sensitive, churlish, bitter, peevish, cross, crusty, touchy, acerbic, spiteful, cantankerous, petty, irascible, acrimonious, surly, irritable, acid, bearish, tart, bellicose, crabbed, sour, snappish, cranky, petulant.
proud (adjective)
egoistic, grand, crowing, haughty, Preening, high-and-mighty, proud, self-glorying, vain, ostentatious, smug, hoity-toity, confident, conceited, high-handed, condescending, swellheaded, assured, narcissistic.


displeased, annoyed, fed up, irritated, put out, belligerent, upset. huffy (noun)
mad, sensitive, thin-skinned, sore, touchy, angry.
offended (noun)
insulted, Piqued, huffish.

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Other relevant words:
huffish, Piqued, upset, annoyed, displeased, belligerent, insulted, put out, sore, irritated, sensitive, angry, mad, thin-skinned.

Usage examples for huffy

  1. " Oh, you needn't mind that," said Monica; " she isn't a huffy person. – Watersprings by Arthur Christopher Benson
  2. Don't do anything to get him huffy for though he hain't quick to git mad, he's got a temper when it's rousted up." – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  3. " Don't get huffy Pete; he struck me as a pretty nice person, too-" " Until he flipped his lid," said Pete. – Unwise Child by Gordon Randall Garrett