Synonyms for Economic:


business-related; financial (adjective)
pecuniary, budgetary, profit-making, material, Money-making, commercial, fiscal, monetary, profitable.
fiscal (adjective)
monetary (adjective)
pecuniary (adjective)
pert (adjective)


deflationary, aggregate, antigrowth, buoyant, economically, ailing, bullish, capitalist, depressed. ungenerous, careful, Economies, thrift, thrifty. for-profit, cost-effective, profit-making, Money-making, at a premium. fiscal, monetary, see dollar signs, finance, material, pecuniary, materially, materialistic. economic (noun)
economical, worldly, profitable, efficient.
industrial (noun)
budgetary, financial, commercial, business.

Other synonyms:

Money-making, thrifty, thrift, bullish, antigrowth, pecuniary, depressed, for-profit, materialistic, commercial, cost-effective, profit-making, economically, deflationary. buoyant, materially, ungenerous, monetary, careful, capitalist. finance. aggregate. material. commercial
Other relevant words:
Money-making, depressed, finance, for-profit, budgetary, commercial, fiscal, ungenerous, antigrowth, careful, business, material, thrifty, capitalist, thrift, deflationary, Economies, financial, monetary, pecuniary, economically, ailing, aggregate, bullish, cost-effective, materialistic, buoyant, profit-making, economical, materially.

Usage examples for economic

  1. It was finally decided that there must be a return to sound and economic principles. – The Comstock Club by Charles Carroll Goodwin
  2. In an ideal economic system, every factory, every store, every shop, every place where men and women are gathered together for employment should be, in the higher sense of the word, a school for the development of the very best human qualities. – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
  3. No one, on the other hand, by any amount of effort, could hope to become the economic superior of another. – Equality by Edward Bellamy