Synonyms for Marketable:


easily sold; in demand (adjective)
salable, merchantable, sellable, commercial, for sale, vendible.


biodata, bid, commercial, for sale, bidder, applicant, affirmative action, retail, apply, appraisal, application form, application, wholesale, appraise. cut rate, branded, cash-and-carry, consumable, custom-built, custom, custom-made, commercially, brand name. marketable (noun)
merchantable, sellable, exportable, vendable, saleable, salable, in demand, vendible.

Other synonyms:

commercial. Other relevant words:
for sale, commercial.

Usage examples for marketable

  1. Production work may be defined as work done by a class to turn out a number of similar projects that have a marketable value, with the aid of jigs, fixtures, and other means of duplication, illustrating the industrial or practical application to the tasks in hand, Figs. – Advanced Toy Making for Schools by David M. Mitchell
  2. Any one can fancy what Castle- street must have been when the market was held in it, by filling Cable- street with baskets of farmers' produce, and blocking it up with all sorts of provisions and stalls, in which the usual marketable commodities would be exposed for sale. – Recollections of Old Liverpool by A Nonagenarian