Synonyms for Ungenerous:


cheap (adjective)
close (adjective)
mingy, niggardly.
narrow (adjective)
not generous (adjective)
mean, grudging, miserly, uncharitable, stingy, close, small.
small (adjective)
minimal, itty-bitty, puny, minor, dwarfish, teeny-weeny, trifling, meager, minute, stingy, modest, picayune, scant, slim, miniature, small, deficient, nugatory, toy, petite, niggardly, teensy, tiny, paltry, slight, bantam, sparing, little, baby, compact, teeny, scrawny, negligible, diminutive, delicate, beggarly, miserly, microscopic, piddling, scanty, pocket, smallish, spare, wee, weeny, short.
stingy (adjective)


unkind, hateful, monstrous, evil, cruel, pitiless, inhuman, awful, hard. economical, economic, frugal, Economies, thrifty, careful, thrift. ungenerous (noun)
mean, penny-pinching, tight, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, cheap, uncharitable, hardfisted, tightfisted, mingy, chinchy, grudging, near, scrimy, penurious, cheeseparing, beggarly, stingy, unforgiving, close, scrimpy, closefisted, chintzy, meager.

Other synonyms:

thrift, thrifty. economic, economical, frugal, careful. Other relevant words:
economical, careful, near, monstrous, close, inhuman, hateful, unkind, thrift, grudging, hardfisted, economic, tight, parsimonious, pitiless, uncharitable, hard, evil, thrifty, unforgiving, frugal, mingy, tightfisted, scrimpy, chintzy, cruel, cheap, Economies, scrimy, closefisted, cheeseparing, penny-pinching, mean, chinchy, awful, penurious.

Usage examples for ungenerous

  1. If you act, And will continue to act honestly, It were ungenerous to do you wrong, And seeing you deserve it not, unjust. – The Comedies of Terence by Publius Terentius Afer
  2. Because under the circumstances of his present stay here, his doing so would, I think, have been ungenerous – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope