Synonyms for Hush:


silent (adjective)


don't panic, take it easy, cheer up, never mind, forget it, there, there, don't worry, no harm done. restraint, falter, squelch, quench, throttle, burke, repress, gag, hold back, hold-down, sit on, choke, bite your tongue/lip, muffle, stifle, keep your mouth shut, suppress, strangle, smother, fall silent, turn over to. SH, veil, suck it up, MYOB, dry up, mind your own business, hold your tongue, cover, shroud, shut it, can it, that will do, show, button it. inaudible, ban, quiet as a mouse, quiescent, black out, you could hear a pin drop. silent, hushed, stilly, soundless, noiseless, sounds. attribute (noun)
stillness, still.
calm (noun)
hush (noun)
quiet, quiesce, still, quiet down, pipe down, quieten, hush up, stillness, silence, shut up.
quiet (noun)
lull, calm, still, stillness, silence.
silence (noun)
muteness, inaudibility, silence, soundlessness, noiselessness, dumbness, stillness.


attempt to make quiet (verb)
mute, muffle, shut up, shush, gag, stop, quieten, suppress, stifle, burke, quiet, choke.
conceal (verb)
cloak, censor, hide, enshroud, camouflage, obscure, disguise, screen, mask, blind, conceal, bury.
pacify (verb)
ebb, compose, cool, quiet, conciliate, reconcile, quell, stabilize, lull, soften, defuse, appease, calm, placate, mollify, soothe, smooth, ease, assuage, moderate, relieve, tranquilize, allay, pacify.
quiet (verb)
sign off, soft, stop talking, less noise.
silence (verb)
mute, still, shush.
soothe (verb)
comfort, subdue, console.

Other synonyms:

burke, hushed, turn over to, stilly. silent, gag, stifle, throttle, soundless. noiseless, ban, squelch, smother, muffle, strangle. cover, falter, shroud, quench. veil, choke. calm
take it easy, placate.
can it.
sit on, shush.
Other relevant words:
quench, throttle, veil, gag, noiseless, hushed, shroud, burke, soft, soundless, shut up, silent, falter, stop, muffle, quiesce, choke, strangle, smother, ban, black out, sit on, stilly, pipe down, fall silent, repress, squelch, cover, hush up, quiet down, quieten, hold your tongue, hold back, stifle, suppress.

Usage examples for hush

  1. Hush I tell you! – From Jest to Earnest by E. P. Roe
  2. His words were loud against the room's sudden hush – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne
  3. It is small pleasure for a mother to hush the hunger- cry of her children, but that was all the joy that was left to Mrs. Cohen. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards