Synonyms for Speculation:


commercial, commercialism, yield, pay, speculative, arbitrage, boom, profitability. gambling, guesstimate, a stab in the dark, risk, estimate, overestimate. excogitation, brainwork, rumination. opinion. belief. bet, wager, gamble. belief (noun)
prediction (noun)
foreshadowing, boding, prediction, foretaste, hunch, forecast, revelation, premonition, augury, omen, portent, prophecy.
risk, gamble (noun)
gambling, wager, venture.
rumination (noun)
speculation (noun)
hypothesis, meditation, venture, supposition, surmise, conjecture, guess, surmisal.
supposition (noun)
fantasy, supposition, theory, inkling, hypothesis, presumption, conception, conjecture, guess.
theory, guess (noun)
belief, opinion, deliberation, thinking, weighing, contemplation, reflection, brainwork, guesstimate, cogitation, hypothesis, supposition, hunch, thought, meditation, conjecture, surmise, cerebration, consideration, excogitation.
thought (noun)
cogitation, lucubration, absorption, concentration, thinking, intellection, thought, brooding, engrossment, imagination, calculation, evaluation, envisioning, contemplation, pondering, deliberation, attention, daydreaming, musing, reflection, cerebration, Debating, brain work, study, appraisal, preoccupation, weighing, analysis, meditation, consideration, reasoning, wistfulness.

Other synonyms:

commercial, rumination, brainwork, pay, excogitation, profitability, arbitrage, boom, commercialism. speculative, yield, overestimate, wager. estimate. risk. betting
Other relevant words:
commercialism, belief, bet, pay, opinion, risk, wager, profitability, commercial, gambling, surmisal, boom, estimate, rumination, overestimate, yield, excogitation, speculative, surmise, brainwork, gamble, arbitrage, venture, guesstimate.

Usage examples for speculation

  1. That is why our country has made greater progress than any other country in the world, because progress is the result of speculation – Successful Stock Speculation by John James Butler
  2. A. By approaching a member of the junior branch of the legal profession who possesses no rooted objection to speculation – Punch 1893.07.29 by Various
  3. And so he startled his sister and shocked his mother, and made the house generally uncomfortable, by making, in season and out of season, severe remarks on the subject of land speculation and particularly of land- sharks. – The Mystery of Metropolisville by Edward Eggleston