Synonyms for Chill:


cold (adjective)
shivery, bitterly cold.
cold, raw (adjective)
cool, wintry, frosty, chilly, icy, brisk, nippy.
cool (adjective)
offish, undemonstrative.
glacial (adjective)
ice-cold (adjective)
bitterly cold.
unfriendly, aloof (adjective)
dispiriting, unhappy, discouraging, distant, withdrawn, formal, solitary, standoffish, indifferent, reserved, dismal.


ague, botulism, anorexia, blood poisoning, bronchitis, brisk, altitude sickness, frosty, anthrax, beriberi, wintry, appendicitis, Alzheimer's Disease. apprehension, formal, dread, distant, indifferent, icy, unfriendly, fright, horror, terror, fear, aloof. eerie, frightening, scary, spooky, awesome, dispirit, alarming, menacing, ghastly, intimidating. reserved, reticent, rest, laze, bask, relax, sit back, offish, idle away, uncommunicative, unapproachable, attitude, lounge around, while away, recharge your batteries, undemonstrative, solitary, standoffish, remote, wind down, withdrawn. blend, beat, butchery, bone, bake, carve, butter, blanch. bite, chilled/frozen to the bone. fall out, leave, defriend, finish with, drop, dump, break off, cut off, split up, break up. dehydration, complication, discharge, pathology, etiology, hallucination, perforation, aetiology, crisis. attribute (noun)
gelidity, iciness.
chill (noun)
chilly, shiver, frisson, quiver, shudder, shivering, cool, thrill, gelidity, pall, tingle, iciness, cool down.
chill out (noun)
cool, wintry, icy, cold, nippy, chilly, relax.
cold (noun)
coolness, freeze, iciness, Frozenness, cold, coldness, bitterness, gelidity, frigidity, frostiness.
cold conditions (noun)
coolness, frigidity, coldness, bite, iciness, gelidity.


cool (verb)
depressing (verb)
dismal, dispiriting, sad, discouraging, unhappy.
discourage (verb)
depress, dampen, dishearten, dispirit.
dissuade (verb)
deflect, derail, avert, divert, ban, prevent, disincline, depress, dishearten, discourage, dampen, deter, daunt, intimidate, inhibit, check, bar, admonish, restrain, dissuade.
kill (verb)
massacre, asphyxiate, liquidate, sacrifice, eliminate, suffocate, do in, smother, slaughter, put to sleep, execute, ice, remove, snuff, dispatch, smite, assassinate, drown, exterminate, butcher, slay, do away with, hang, purge, strangle.
make cold (verb)
freeze, refrigerate, ice.
refrigerate (verb)

Other synonyms:

blanch, frighten, carve, butter, panic, offish, terrify, indifferent, nippy, startle, fear, apprehension. fright, scare, withdrawn, dread, undemonstrative, butchery, shake up, complication, unapproachable, pathology, aloof, standoffish, horror, etiology, hallucination. dehydration, bone, perforation, terror, reticent, shivery, uncommunicative, alarm, crisis. blend. distant, solitary, reserved. remote. discharge. bite. beat. alarm

Usage examples for chill

  1. The sun was burning, and yet he felt chill all over. – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester
  2. A chill struck to my bones. – The Gay Cockade by Temple Bailey
  3. His kiss sent a chill to the very bottom of Peggy's heart. – Brewster's Millions by George Barr McCutcheon