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thoughtless - 175 results
reckless (adjective)

heedless, wild, brash, indifferent, irresponsible, nonchalant, foolhardy, negligent, careless, rash, daring, inattentive, frantic, hectic, unmindful, reckless, imprudent.

rash (adjective)

desperado, breakneck, audacious, impetuous, brash, imprudent, hectic, rash, hotheaded, incautious, reckless, unheedful, careless, impulsive, daring, injudicious, brazen, daredevil, foolhardy, irresponsible.

ungrateful (adjective)

unappreciative, thankless, ungrateful, heedless, unthankful.

thoughtless (adjective)

illogical, blank, mindless, unthoughtful, inane, empty-headed, vacant, unoccupied, unreasonable, vacuous, fatuous, unthinking, brainless.

inattentive (adjective)

dreamy, befuddled, aloof, unconcerned, heedless, oblivious, napping, wandering, ignoring, absent, unconscious, detached, faraway, negligent, preoccupied, unmindful, disregardful, unheedful, absent-minded, inadvertent, distracted, disinterested, uninterested, inattentive.

neglectful (adjective)

inadvertent, derelict, clumsy, slapdash, inconsiderate, senile, reckless, unmindful, neglectful, bumbling, slipshod, disregardful, inattentive, remiss, shoddy, unheedful, haphazard, sloppy, careless, negligent, hit-and-miss, forgetful, slovenly, perfunctory.

Other synonyms:

antisocial, uncalled-for, unselfish, unconsidered, bewildered, careful, unmannered, undiplomatic, shameless, confused, discourteous, blind, unmannerly, impersonal, unrefined, self-centered, uncaring, bovine, loony, foolish, indiscreet, careful, inept, nutty, primitive, listless, dizzy, obtuse, heavy-handed, abstracted, unhandsome, unheeding, rational, unaffectionate, disrespectful, ungracious, witless, impertinent, stupid, insensitive, lumpish, dull, reasoning, absorbed, feckless, boorish, heartless, sappy, uncivil, courtesy, doltish, unreflective, insensible, irrational, egocentric, rude, heavy, lumpen, apathetic, regardless, babbling, ill-mannered, deaf, senseless, ill-bred, feeble-minded, incomprehensible, selfish, thoughtful, puerile, flighty, high-handed.

Examples of usage:

The chaste mind of your countess saw nothing in the conduct of the queen but thoughtless simplicity. - "The Scottish Chiefs", Jane Porter.

It was thoughtless in me. - "All's for the Best", T. S. Arthur.

Sabina bit her lip and turned her face away suddenly, for the thoughtless words had hurt her. - "The Heart of Rome", Francis Marion Crawford.

Similar words:

thoughtlessly, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, thoughtlessness, thoughtful, in everyone's thoughts, thornless, thoughtfully, thoroughbreds.

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